Hello World!

This is my first post in the series of posts I’ll be writing on Machine Learning, Big data and stuff. I’ll start by giving introduction to these fields and some terms which have been popping a lot these days.

You might be wondering why you should read a new blog when there are millions of blog about the same subject. I’ll tell you why. When I first started to learn this subject I initially thought I’ll read some blogs as you can understand things easily from a blog because the language in a blog is quite informal plus it has author’s real world experience while dealing with the subject. But when I searched on net for blogs on Machine learning I could not find a single place where I can find all those things. So I thought I’ll start a new blog where beginners in this field can find comprehensive list of algorithms in the subject explained in layman’s term, my experiences while dealing with this subject plus some codes.

But first I’ll introduce myself. I am from a small town in Rajasthan called Jhunjhunu(funny name, I know). Most people might have never heard it’s name. For those people, it is located near another small town called Pilani (apparently it comes under district Jhunjhunu but it is more famous as being home to famous school BITS Pilani). I studied from BIT Mesra and then went on to pursue master’s at BITS Pilani. At BITS I got exposed to machine learning first time formally. Although I studied Machine Learning in my Bachelor’s but I never learned it in detail. When I joined BITS I was teaching assistant for Machine Learning course, so I had to study thoroughly before explaining it to the students, so I started studying it from basics .I learned basic techniques which are commonly used in machine learning then to understand the practical applications of it I learned under the hood technology behind Google’s search, email classification and some other things which we use frequently in our daily lives but somehow it all looks like magic.I have also worked in Advanced Data Analytics and Parallel technologies lab at BITS where I learned how to apply machine learning to big data. Now unfortunately I have to discontinue master’s at BITS as courses there were not aligning with my interest and I have decide to join IIIT Hyderabad which is a good school to learn these technologies.I am hoping to explore Machine Learning and Big Data in depth there.

To help budding data scientists and enthusiasts for this field this is series of posts where I’ll write about one algorithm or one technology every week with some real world applications and some code in it too.

Till next time 🙂



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